The territory of Sorso and our vineyards: these connects us with nature, our past and our future.

Sorso is the place in the North Western Sardinia where the hills marry the sea, where you can breathe and feel the history of that territory, the place where vines have been grown for millennia.
Sorso is the capital of Romangia, the first territory of Sardinia to be colonized by the ancient Romans, which has always been the heart of agricultural production and trade in Northern Sardinia. The churches, convents and ancient palaces of the old town are the symbols of its past made of wine, men and agriculture.
18 km of coastline indicate the northern border with the sea, offering one of the longest seaside in Italy. The large beaches are dominated by golden dunes, where we find typical Mediterranean vegetation, in particular the junipers. The Platamona pond and the vast pine forest complete the landscape. All of this creates an ideal microclimate for healthy and savory grapes.
The hills of Sorso create a natural amphitheater facing the sea. The soil is mainly calcareous, it’s perfect for cultivating vines. The landscape talks for itself, it’s vast and fragrant. The vineyards paint and tint the territory during the year.