The art to transform the grape into wine has been handed down in my family for 5 generations.

We create our wines with ancient artisan knowledge and modern processing techniques, wines that are born of our passion, our philosophy and our territory. We cultivate the vineyards with sacrifice and dedication, respecting the balance between man and nature.

Who I am: a winemaker from Sorso, Sardinia.

I am a young winegrower with a passion for engines, travel, food and nature. Since I was a child I loved writing and drawing. I have always been very curious: I liked to understand how things worked and over time I learned to understand it thanks to the scientific studies. I graduated in Agriculture to embrace my roots and to be able to better understand and face the challenges of modern viticulture.
Being a young winegrower in Sorso, Sardinia, means not surrendering to the social and economic conditions of my land. It means also regaining an ancient bond between man and nature, protecting a territory that is too often exploited and impoverished.
This is why sharing, respect and protection of diversity are fundamental aspects of my thinking, both in life and in work. I love making wine for this too, because it gives me the opportunity to express myself. I think that wine is sharing, respect, but above all it is a beautiful tool to appreciate the diversity, between people, grape varieties and territories.